Top 8 apples


A reliably sweet apple, the fuji has almost no tart flavor.  Quickly turns brown when cut.

Granny Smith

A super-tart apple. Holds shape when baked, but doesn't offer much sweetness or apple flavor in pies.

Tart and slightly sweet. Best caramel apple due to its smaller size, long shelf life, flavor, color, and thicker skin that stands up to toppings.


Classic sweet and tart apple flavor. Flesh softens when baked but holds its shape, making it a great apple for pie. 


Classic apple-spice flavor that's barely more tart than sweet. Completely falls apart when baked, making it great for applesauce and apple butter.


Perfect sweet-tart flavor. Makes apple cider that has a balanced flavor, taking the best of both parents (Jonathan & Golden Delicious)


Tart & sweet, firm flesh is slow to brown. To earn Pink Lady brand, apples must meet quality standards, making it a reliable choice for serving to guests.

Pink Lady

Very sweet with a slight tartness. Firm, crisp, and juicy, the flesh has an almost fizzy effect when bitten.